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Antigypsyism: new specific hate crime

The processing of the Law for Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination continues its course effectively. On April 27, the Congress of Deputies marked a historic milestone; After so many years of struggle, the Criminal Code will explicitly include anti-Gypsyism as a hate crime.

This criminal act violates the dignity of people and equality (articles 10 and 14 of the Constitution), fundamental rights, so their protection must be guaranteed.

This Law, also known as the 'Zerolo Law', among other measures; modifies articles 22 and 510 of the Criminal Code, which includes the aggravating circumstances of a criminal act and hate crime, respectively. In this way, antigypsyism is recognized as a specific and independent element from others such as racist motives or belonging to an ethnic group or race when applying these articles.

The persecution and discrimination of gypsies and gypsies is historical, so after so many years of suffering, legislative regulation could give rise to a new era. In this new justice must act hand in hand with education in order to guarantee a State of equality free of discrimination.

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