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University students will have to prove they have COVID if they do not attend an exam

Barcelona, ​​January 12, 2022.

The criteria for this will depend on each University, and there may be almost as many possibilities as university campuses. In Catalonia there have been no demonstrations in this regard.

Until now, the Carlos III de Madrid is the most demanding, requiring students to have a PCR or antigen test carried out in a health center or laboratory. This can mean a financial outlay if the collapse of primary care continues.

In other cases, it is enough for the student to make an affidavit or fill out a form informing of the positive and requesting a new date for the exam.

The Government and the Autonomous Communities are committed to presence, a line of action defended by the universities. The objective is to guarantee the right to be examined in case of contagion, but they also call for the responsibility of the students.

Despite the above, it should not be forgotten that the Minister of Universities has requested that the existing protocols be intensified, so that the classrooms can be a safe place.

A few days before the start of the exams, just over a million university students are once again facing the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.



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